About Our Business:

Here at Custom Tub Company, we are committed to Affordable, Top Quality
Bath and Home updating with Bathtub Refinishing, Tile Reglazing, Acrylic Bath liners and
Complete Bath Remodeling.

Share our great pride in Honesty, Workmanship and Experience that Define a True Value.

Lowest Price of Products and/or Service does not define a True Value.  
A True Value to us, (as we are consumers too) is a combination of receiving Solid Quality
Products, Expert Service, Options to suit our individual needs, and a Fair Price.

Custom Tub Co. Is St. Louis, MO based and is local Family Owned and Operated.
We are real people with Integrity.  Since 1997 we have had our ups and downs and
continue to progress through Experience, Care, Commitment and Passion to Build.
About Us
St. Louis  Bathtub Refinishing | Reglazing | Tub Liners | Resurfacing | Remodeling
Our Experience:
  • Owner -  Opened, Worked, Hired, Trained
    cities across the States as Regional Manager
    for a National Bath Refinishing Company.

Owner- Hired,Trained then collectively a Respected
St. Louis helped colleague form his business in
1995, which still runs strong today!

  • Owner - 1997-Opened Custom Refinishing.
    1998- Deemed St. Louis's highest volume
    Refinishing Co, by National Refinishing
    Supplier, Hawk Research Labs.

  • Owner - 1998 - with 5 refinishers, including
    himself in the field, expanded to  Bath
    Remodeling in addition to Bath Refinishing, to
    meet customers needs.

  • Owner -  2004 - Factory trained at a National
    Bath liner facility. Became a Bath liner Dealer.
    Re-Branded as Custom Tub Co. Bathtub
    Refinishing is not all we do.   
Dan, Robert | Tom, Adam
Kevin, Gary, Marc
or Charlie!

Why?  Because... Joe knows!

The Leader in St. Louis Bathtub Refinishing |
Reglazing | Resurfacing | Tub Replacements |
Bathtub Liners | Shower Liners | Surrounds | Tub
to Shower Conversions |Complete Bath

We won't mislead you about your options or
quote inflated prices to scare you from the others.

Why?  Because...We do it all!

We are Experts from hands on Experience in all
stages of your bath project.

Custom Tub Company truly is Your

1 Stop Tub Shop!
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